The top dating sites as of 2015

popular dating sitesIn case you’re wondering which dating websites are the most popular, there is some data on this available, and the top 5 dating sites as of 2015, based on traffic reports are as follows.

  2. Plenty of Fish
  3. Zoosk
  4. OkCupid
  5. Eharmony

Some of the names on the list, such as and eHarmony are names I expected to find in the top 5. After all, these companies market their services quite heavily on TV spots. But I was surprised to find free sites like Plenty of Fish and OkCupid on the list as well. I knew about these sites, but had no idea they were that big. Of the 5 top dating sites, 3 are paid sites, where you need to buy a subscription in order to use all the services. 2 are free sites, that allow you to use the bulk of the features for free. Zoosk is the newest site on the list. It started in 2007 but grew quite quickly to take the number 3 spot.

I know it might be a bit controversial to say this, but I firmly believe that bigger is better when it comes to online dating. Successful dating means having a huge pool of online daters to tap into, so sites that are on this list have a huge advantage. Having used 4 of the 5 services on the list, I personally like Eharmony and the most, having used both services. I generally encourage online daters to start of with first. You can get a free trial at if you want to check out this service for 3 days free.

As for the free dating sites, I know they work for some people, but I have not had the best results on them. I suppose if you are trying to save money, they are a good option to consider, but I myself prefer the paid dating sites because I think they attract a better group of daters in my opinion.

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