7 Essential Tips for First-Timers in Argentina

Did you know that Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world? This country is not enchanting but it is home to some of the most unique tourist attractions in the world. So if you want to visit this country, here are some tips that you need to follow.

Argentina is an expensive country.

Your $50USD will not last for a day. So if you want to go to this beautiful place, make sure to bring some extra cash if you want to have a memorable vacation.

Avoid rallies and protests.

There have been some demonstrations going between 2016 and 2017 and even until now, which are quite rough and violent.  Make sure you avoid the streets where the rallies usually happen. While violent crimes rarely happen in Argentina, it is best to be safe.

Take taxis at night.

Buenos Aires is basically safe for women travelling along. You can stroll in the street by yourself but you can expect men to whistle at you when you pass by. Most of these guys are harmless and are simply very observant of how women look. However, don’t be too confident when it gets dark. It is better to ride the taxi at night especially for the La Boca area.

Get the SUBE card.

You can use this card for everything in Argentina. Instead of paying twice for taxi fares and car rentals, you can use the SUBE card to ride the public transport. This way you can save money considering that Columbia is pretty costly. You can buy a SUBE card at a “Kiosco”.

Stay a while.

We have already said that Argentina is a huge country.  So you are wasting your time if you only plan on staying for a couple of days. If you want to have the best Argentina vacation, you will need to stay for a couple of weeks.  Try to explore as many highlights as you can and immerse into their rich culture. Get used to the locals, earn some friends, and visit the Iguazu Falls. Just make sure you travel by safety advice and bring some self-defence like a pepper spray or taser.Some areas in Argentina are quite full of dogs. While we don’t know whether these dogs are rabid, it is always safe to not go near them. Dogs can become aggressive if they go in packs. If you see a lot of dogs gathering towards your direction, better make a detour and find a safer way.  

Make sure you have the complete document.

You can actually drive from Argentina to Chile but since you are crossing a new border, it is important that you bring all the documents with you. Also bear in mind that there are many different crossings in Argentina such as the popular Mendoza.