Best Hotels in Norway

Many people are drawn to Norway because of the Northern Lights. But did you know the best places in Norway that have easy access to this beautiful phenomenon? In this blog, we are going to tell the best hotels in Norway that you can stay. 

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

This is by far the most original Northern Lights hotel in Norway with the closest and easiest view of the famous lights. Unlike the usual hotels you see in many cities, Sorrisniva is a real igloo hotel. You will have to get used to camping and sleeping in the Norweigan way. But don’t worry; this igloo hotel has access to Wi-Fi. You would have to take a ferry to reach this hotel since it is situated at the island Senja, which is 50km from Harstad. When night falls, you can see the Northern Lights from your room window. 

Tromso Ice Domes Hotel

If you want to enjoy a beautiful display of the Northern Lights and stay away from the hustle bustle of the city, then you should stay at the Tromso Ice Domes Hotel. This is, by far, the best hotel that offers the best value for your money aside from letting you enjoy a magical view of the lights. Just be warned, when we say Ice Hotel, it is definitely an 800-meter ice hotel shaped like an igloo. It can only accommodate a limited amount of guests, which makes it more ideal for couples and a small group of travelers.

Radisson Blu Hotel

As you may know, Radisson Blu Hotel is a go-to choice for everybody who prefers a top-notch Nordic style accommodation. Compared to igloo hotels, Radisson Blu is modern and contemporary but you can still see the Northern Lights from the hotel. We just love how friendly the staff are in this hotel. You will love the ambiance and modern rooms. It is also an ideal hotel for families.

Scandic Grand Tromso

Do you love a supreme breakfast? Then you better stay at Scandic Grand in Tromso.  This hotel is one of the best hotels with top-notch quality in terms of food and service so every penny you spend here is definitely worth its value. Some of the best Northern Lights tours depart from here.